Sometimes... Size Matters!

MaxiFrame is a movie playlist solution for fullscreen and multi-screen playback. Whether you organize your own clips or let MaxiFrame build the playlist for you, MaxiFrame works well with iCal and AppleScript as a tool for creating kiosk and digital signage applications.

System Requirement: OS X 10.10 or later


• Playback Control

MaxiFrame separates your clips from their playback attributes. MaxiFrame handles changes to playback speed, looping and other behaviors without making any changes to your movies.

• Dynamic Playlist

Along with Standard playlist, where the clips are known ahead of time, MaxiFrame lets you create dynamic playlists using a user-selected folder to load clips when the the application launches.

• Works with iCal

Use MaxiFrame together with iCal to schedule playlist playback. From iCal, set your MaxiFrame file as the action for a calendar alarm. When the alarm goes off, your playlist will start.