A new dimension for storytelling!

Introducing LightTable, an image cataloging tool that offers you a unique way of telling stories. Images layout is done on a virtual canvas. You move items around just like prints on a table top. Images can be resized, repositioned, layered and aligned allowing you to discover new perspectives created by the visual contrast created between images.

System Requirement: OS X 10.7 or later   Download Demo   Buy Now  



• Dynamic Canvas Size

LightTable uses a dynamic canvas to hold the layout of your images. If you need more canvas space, drag an image beyond any visible edge and the canvas will expand in that direction.

• Flexible Layout

Once on the canvas, images may be moved, resized and stretched; aligned relative to other images or the canvas itself; or re-stacked like images on a desk top.

• Multiple Resolution

When dealing with large images, LightTable gives you the option to change the resolution (DPI) of each canvas. This can be used to achieve a better fit for your images on the visible canvas.

• Easy Navigation

Scrolling across a large canvas can be tedious and time consuming. LightTable provides several keystroke and menu options to scroll to various well-known canvas positions.

• Collaborative

To use images from another application like iPhoto or Aperture, simply drag the image from this application and drop it on the LightTable canvas or tray.

• Canvas Export

LightTable lets you export some or all of the images on the canvas as a single image. This allows you to share your canvas with colleagues and friends.