A new dimension for storytelling!

LightTable gives you a unique method for telling stories. Image layout is done on a virtual canvas. Items are moved around like prints on a table top. Images can be resized, repositioned, layered and aligned allowing you to discover new perspectives created by the visual contrast created between images.

System Requirement: OS X 10.10 or later


• Image Effects (NEW)

LightTable includes 30+ new GPU-accelerated effects, such as edge burning, X-rays, motion blurring and vintage photo processing, which may be applied to any item on the Canvas. The new Lift and Stamp functions let you copy effects settings between canvas items.

• Better Canvas (NEW)

New Zoom Controls make it easy to see the canvas at different levels of detail along with a summary of canvas size and magnification. Also, new Canvas Settings lets you control image sizing when placing items on the canvas.

• Canvas Item Automation (NEW)

LightTable now includes a Replicate Canvas Item function, which automates the process of building a matrix of images from a single item source. Each image can then be adjusted making visual inspections and comparisons much easier to accomplish.

• Improved Layout Tools(NEW)

Along with the new Auto Arrange feature, which does an automated layout of canvas items, images may be moved, resized and stretched; aligned relative to other images or the canvas itself; or stacked and re-stacked like photographs on a desktop.

• Sharing (NEW)

LightTable creates an image of the current Canvas and lets users share that image via e-mail, using popular internet services (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) or with local applications like iPhoto or Aperture.

• Slide Shows (NEW)

LightTable dynamically creates a slide show from the Tray images in your project. Slide shows display full screen and can be navigated manually or as a timed (automatic) show.

• Improved Export Tools (NEW)

Exporting your canvas as a single image now produces a consistent image across all export, sharing and print operations.

• Ready for Mavericks (NEW)

Updated and ready to take advantage of all the new features in OS X Mavericks.