Make the most of your movies!

Deframe helps you get more value out of your video assets by letting you extract high-quality still images and clips. Extracted stills can be stored in a file or packaged as a PDF contact sheet. Movie clips can be exported in a variety of sizes for a number of different devices.

System Requirement: OS X 10.10 or later


• Sharing (NEW)

Deframe can share images and image sequences via e-mail, using popular internet services (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or with local applications like iPhoto or Aperture. Also, you can drag'n'drop or cut'n'paste the preview image to other applications.

• Slide Shows (NEW)

Deframe dynamically creates a slide show from the image sequences and contact sheets in your project. Slide shows display full screen and can be navigated manually or as a timed slide show.

• Single Window User Interface (NEW)

Deframe operations have been consolidated into a single window, giving you an easy and effective tool for manipulating your movies and extractions.

• Flexible Output

Deframe lets you specify the size and format of the generated images and image sequences. For video, Deframe uses OS X's modern codecs to create new movie clips in a range of sizes for a variety of devices.

• The Big Picture

The "Overview" Display Style lets you generates a snapshot grid from your movie, giving you a visual outline of its content. Idle your cursor over the grid and find out the time of a particular frame.

• Precise Timing

When locating a particular time within a movie, Precise Timing Mode lets you move in finer increments. Navigate by the second or by the frame.

• Many ways to slice it

Deframe lets you extract a single image, pull multiple images from within a time range, or create another movie clip from a portion of your movie.